We are an organization which is perceived by the service of corporate issues and furthermore has Quality standard of ISO 9001-2008 for solid Detective Services Provider in India.

In the present condition Matrimonial Investigation is a required advance to confirm overall foundation of marital Alliance Because, within the sight of social condition, relational unions are progressively being masterminded through wedding commercials, advisors and Matrimonial Websites, Which may include high hazard in managing outsiders?

At third eye investigation in Delhi India, We have an extremely proficient and experienced Investigators group of 70 + people groups and our accomplished Investigators group is sponsored by current innovation. We utilize GPS Vehicle following Equipment’s, digital programming’s and other Sting Operation gadgets are utilized for all sort of mystery missions. This innovative edge separates us from our countrymen and encourages us split even the most complex Cases crosswise over various geologies, inside submitted courses of events. We are 100% devoted to our calling with dedication and focused on our customers for result arranged examinations. Our prosperity proportion is 90% out of 100%.

Get in touch with us today to examine your private examination needs. We have been effective in helping a great many customers with our analysts work, guaranteeing most extreme mystery and security constantly, and we’re prepared to help you as well!

Ensured Satisfaction

We can help you with the issue which you cannot impart to the any other person, Guaranteed Satisfaction at third eye investigation in light of the fact that we Claim that we have a win proportion of 90% (We understand 09 cases effectively out of 10 cases) by putting our 100% earnest endeavors in every one of the cases and we might want to guaranteed to the greater part of our Prestigious customers who are searching for the best Private Detective Agency in India and Abroad.

At third eye investigation India, The particular necessities of the customer are contemplated and recognized in the initially Meeting, from there on, examination initiates in an arranged and time-bound way by the officer alloted for the situation. Point by point design of reconnaissance and examination is kept up on genuineness, exactness and privately of every n each case.

Security Assured

Our method for directing the doled out case is 100% private as even our field specialists do not realize that the operation they work for whom and who is the customer. Every one of the discussions and reports are being kept in such a secret way, to the point that lone appointed head of that specific case can open the ensured range by specific codes, as and when required.

Our Network

is a PAN India Company, we acknowledge cases from all States in India. Our significant level of business originates from Metro Cities in India. As we are Matrimonial Detectives and Understand that Matrimonial Cases are more sensible as the contrast with others , That’s the reason we are not relying upon other Detective Agencies to deal with our cases as freelancers , we send our own specialists to deal with cases in each city of India.

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